HDP Weekly Draft

His Dwelling Place Fresno

Gathering Time
Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm

Gathering Place

34515 SE 6th St.

Washougal, Wa. 98671

Office Address:
334515 SE 6th St

Washougal Wa. 98671

  Contact Info:

Web Site: hdpfresno.com

Email: welcome@hdpfresno.com

Facebook: His Dwelling Place Fresno

 Phone: 559.260.1040


Sunday September 25th, 2016


“Do not let anything in your day become bigger than God”

  • Worship in Prayer … Pastor Ron
  • Worship in Announcements 
  • Worship Reading of Psalms … Ashley Mejia
  • Worship in Music … Joseph Mejia

Let the Holy Spirit lead you into worship in Spirit and in truth…

  • Worship with Testimonies of Jesus Christ … All who have a Testimony.

Give God all the Glory through our Testimonies

  • Worship Prayer over T/O … Pastor Ray Hickman
  • Loving on God with our resources … Everyone!
  • Worship in The Word … Pastor Ray Hickman … Healing

After Service this week is … Souper Sunday come hungry!


  • Daily Opportunities:

Practice recognizing a persons need  then … Pray for Someone.

  • Wednesday’s 6:30-8:00 pm 

Prayer Gathering …

God Answers Prayer … You’re invited to get yours answered!

Pastor Ray and Carols Home … Information 559.930.6990

  • Thursday’s 6:30 – 8:00 pm 

Bible/Book Discussion …

“When Heaven Invades Earth” by Bill Johnson … Go deeper In Him!

You can jump in anytime!!!   Information 559.978.3824

  • Sunday September 25th …

Pastor Ray will continue our series on Healing.


Missions Outreach

Pakistan – Nepal – Malawi October 26th  – Nov 16 (Approximate)

Missions Trip – Philippines 2017

Cagayan de Oro City and Valenica, Bukidnon Province, Mendinao… two weeks

Dates… Feb 16,2017 – Mar 1, 2017. Cost… About $3000 per person inclusive.

Something to think about …

“All He is, is available to you as His presence expands within you. All it takes is getting closer.